The Limestone-Dotted Grasslands of Kōchi’s Karst Fields

The Shikoku Karst

The Shikoku Karst is the result of the dissolution of limestone bedrock.

The Shikoku Karst is a scenic expanse of grassy slopes dotted with white limestone. Extending down from the 1,485-meter high Tengunomori plateau and running east to west along the border between Kōchi and Ehime Prefectures, it is one of Japan’s three major areas of karst formations, a topography resulting from the dissolution of limestone and other types of bedrock.

Access: 80 minutes by car from the Kōchi Expressway Susaki Higashi Interchange.

Website: VISIT KOCHI JAPAN (Shikoku Karst)

(Banner photo: The ridgeline road through the Shikoku Karst affords spectacular views of the stone-studded expanse. Courtesy of Kōchi Visitors and Convention Association.)

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