Toyama’s Scenic Amaharashi Coast

Toyama’s Amaharashi Coast

Sunrise along the Amaharashi coast.

The picturesque Amaharashi coast in Toyama Prefecture offers stunning views of the sea and the 3,000-meter peaks of the Tateyama mountain range soaring high above Toyama Bay. Located inside the Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park, the pristine coastline from Amaharashi to Matsudae no Nagahama in Himi is considered among Japan’s most beautiful beaches.

A popular sight from the beach is Yoshitsune’s Rock, a rocky projection that according to legend is where Minamoto no Yoshitsune (1159–1189), one of Japan’s most beloved tragic heroes, waited out a rain shower. The name Amaharashi is taken from the story and means “when the rain clears.”

The JR Himi Line running along the Amaharashi coast is especially popular with railroad fans for its spectacular views of the coastline.

Access: Five-minute walk from Amaharashi Station on the JR Himi Line

Website: Tourism Information in Toyama (Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park)

(Banner photo: The Tateyama mountain range as viewed from Amaharashi. Information courtesy of the Toyama Prefecture Tourism and Regional Promotion Bureau, and the Toyama Prefectural Tourism Association.)

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