Japanese Power Spot: Kōchi’s Tōjindaba Ruins

The Tōjindaba Ruins

The Tōjindaba ruins offer a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Tōjindaba ruins set on the Ashizuri Peninsula along the Pacific coast in Kōchi Prefecture. The ruins have been inhabited since prehistoric times and many stonework and earthenware fragments dating from the early Jōmon period (ca. 10,000 BC–300 BC) and Yayoi period (c. 300 BC – 250 AD) have been unearthed there.

Granite rocks up to seven meters high dot the mountainside. Known as Tōjin’iwa, these monoliths are popular power spots. Visitors can climb the stones to enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

Access: Approximately two hours by car from the Kōchi Expressway Shimanto Town Central Interchange

Website: Visit Kochi Japan (Tōjindaba ruins)

(Banner photo: The stones of the Tōjindaba ruins. Courtesy of Kōchi Visitors and Convention Association.)

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