Caverns on the Coast: Saga’s Nanatsugama Caves

Nanatsugama Caves

The Nanatsugama Caves and the turquoise waters of the Genkai Sea.

The seven caverns of the Nanatsugama Caves in Saga Prefecture slowly formed over ages by the forces of wind and waves from the surrounding Genkai Sea. This scenic wonder of the caves and rugged cliffs held up by basalt pillars is designated a national natural monument.

The largest cave is 3 meters across and extends for 110 meters. Tourists wanting an up-close look at the caverns can ride the Ika Maru, a sightseeing boat with a distinctive squid motif. From the deck of the vessel passengers can see where the basalt rockface has fractured into columns.

Tourists also come to enjoy the ocean view from the meadow that spreads out above the Nanatsugama Caves. The area is equipped with an observation deck and pedestrian path. The rocky shoreline near the caves is also a popular fishing spot.

The Ika Maru gives tourists an intimate view of the caves.

Access: 20 minutes by taxi from Nishikaratsu Station on the JR Karatsu and Chikuhi Lines

Website: Saga, Japan Official Travel Guide, Saga Trip Genius (Nanatsugama Caves)

(Banner photo: The Nanatsugama Caves have been admired for their scenic beauty since antiquity. Information courtesy of the Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation.)

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