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Japan’s Top 100 Blossoms: Kaizu Ōsaki (Shiga)


Along the northern shores of Lake Biwa is a lane of roughly 800 cherry trees that stretches for about 4 kilometers. The spectacular sakuras along the rugged coastline of Kaizu Ōsaki—known as one of the Eight Views of Lake Biwa—with the mystical island of Chikubushima in the distance, form a striking contrast with the deep-blue waters of Japan’s biggest lake.

To enjoy Kaizu Ōsaki’s cherry blossoms, visitors can walk through the tunnel of pink petals, view the flowers from a distance along a different shore, or take a boat that operates during the hanami season to gaze at the scenery from the lake.

Many of the somei yoshino trees along the promenade are over 80 years old, but there are also young saplings that have been planted by local groups to preserve the dazzling view of the lakeside sakuras for future generations.

Kaizu Ōsaki (Shiga)

  • Variety: Somei yoshino
  • No. of trees: 800
  • When: Early to mid-April
  • Hours: Open 24 hrs.
  • Admission: Free
  • Address: Makinochō-kaizu, Takashima-shi, Shiga
  • Website: Takashima City Tourism Information

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(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Biwako Takashima Tourist Association.)

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