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Photo slideshows, 360º immersive panoramas, and high-quality video presentations of all sides of Japan.

The Inland Sea through the Seasons: Slices of the Mellow Life of Seto Islanders (Photos)Kuroiwa Masakazu

The Seto Inland Sea offers breathtaking seascapes created by the multitude of islands populating it. The people who live here wear expressions that are as gentle as the climate is mild. “Island photographer” Kuroiwa Masakazu, who has visited more than 350 of the Seto islands, shares some of the images he has captured at different times of the year.

The Artistry of the Blade: The World of Master Swordsmith Miyairi Norihiro (Photos)Kimura Naoto

Miyairi Norihiro is a master swordsmith who creates katana characterized by their remarkable elegance and austere aura of nobility.

A Family Farm (Photos)Motono Katsuyoshi

Rejecting city life, the Tanakas set out to become farmers. Photographer Motono Katsuyoshi captures their daily life with their three children in rural Ibaraki Prefecture.

In Photographic Pursuit of Hokkaidō’s Rare Owls (Photos)Tanaka Hiroshi

The shimafukurō, one of the world’s largest owl species, was once thought extinct in Japan and is still considered endangered. Tanaka Hiroshi has been focusing his camera on these magnificent raptors in his native Hokkaidō for over two and a half decades.

Ōkura Shōnosuke’s Beat of Life (Video)Otome Kaita (video production and editing)

The tsuzumi hand drums used in Japan were originally instruments of prayer and invocation, and their natural timbre expressed a longing for a bountiful and peaceful life. The sound of the ōtsuzumi (hip drum), produced by those fully absorbed in their performance have, throughout history, been both electrifying and calming.

Unique Tokyo Houses Add Individual Touch to City Landscape (Photos)Jérémie Souteyrat

French photographer Jérémie Souteyrat has scoured Tokyo for unique houses and residential scenes. Through his pictures he seeks to convey the individuality of Japanese homes and offer a fresh perspective on the capital.

Raku Kichizaemon on the Avant-Garde Tradition of Raku Ware (Video)Otome Kaita (video production and editing)

Raku Kichizaemon, the fifteenth grand master of the Raku line of potters, creates avant-garde works of ceramic art rooted in 450 years of tradition. With a tea bowl of his own making in hand, he discusses the philosophical underpinnings of Raku ware.

A Gallery of Green: Japanese Gardens (Photos)Satō Shin’ichi /Sawada Shinobu

Many Japanese gardens are part of such facilities as restaurants, museums, and hotels. This collection introduces some of the finest examples of these kinds of gardens.

Japanese Blacksmiths Forge On (Photos)Ōhashi Hiroshi (Photographer)

Japanese blacksmiths preserve a once vital traditional art. These photographs offer a window into their workshops as they display their artisanship.

“Nikkapokka” Pants in Style on the Construction Site (Photos)Matsuda Tadao (Photographer)

Photographer Matsuda Tadao’s portraits of Japanese construction workers are taken on site, capturing the reality of their jobs with the sweat and grime of a hard day’s efforts. As well as being fitted to their work, distinctive, baggy nikkapokka pants help these laborers to stand out in the crowd.

The World of Satō Kashiwa, Creative Director (Photos)Satō Kashiwa

Satō Kashiwa’s ambitious “iconic branding” projects span a wide range of media, industries, and themes, but they are consistent in the freshness and dynamism of their forms and the terse eloquence of the nonverbal language they use to communicate across cultures.

Ancient Messengers: The Timeless Deer of Nara (Photos)Ishii Yōko

Nara boasts a sizable herd of deer that wander freely through the ancient city. Traditionally thought to be messenger of the gods, the beasts thrive amid the urban environment thanks to municipal conservation efforts. Photographer Ishii Yōko has recorded the lives of these charming creatures set against the human landscape.

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