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A Peek at Petit Geisai 15 (360º Panorama)
An Immersive Look at a Vibrant Art Festival

Somese Naoto (Photographer)[Profile]

Breaking into the art world can be a challenge for young, inexperienced creators. Murakami Takashi’s Geisai event has become a prime springboard to success for emerging artists. Now in its fifteenth incarnation, Geisai was originally founded to promote communication in Japan’s art world. Geisai 15, which restored a more energetic and intimate atmosphere, marks a return to the event’s roots. This 360º panorama showcases Geisai and some of the future leaders of Japan’s art community.

Using the Immersive Panoramas

Geisai, one of Japan’s largest art festivals, was created by one of the biggest names in Japan’s art world, Murakami Takashi. For Japan’s young artists, Geisai is a key way to make their debut in the art world. For visitors, the event offers not only a chance to get up close and personal with new works, but also a rare opportunity to interact directly with the creators behind the works.

The fifteenth Geisai was originally scheduled for March 2011, but was delayed due to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The postponed event was re-imagined as Petit Geisai 15, an attempt to return to the festival’s roots in discovering and fostering world-class artists. To help realize this goal, two new restrictions on exhibiting artists were introduced for the event: artists had to be under 30 years of age and were subjected to a preliminary artistic review. The size of the venue is also much reduced from recent years, as reflected by the “petit” moniker. The intimacy of the venue helped to close the gap between artist and art lover and created a vibrant, creative atmosphere.

This 360º panorama captures some of the lively atmosphere of Geisai, where so many attendees caught a glimpse of the bright future of Japan’s art world.


For a more detailed report, please click the link below:

Petit Geisai 15: A Young Artist’s Battlefield

(Photographs by Somese Naoto with permission from GEISAI Executive Committee.)

  • [2012.02.21]

Photographer. Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1964. Graduated from the Department of Photography in the College of Art, Nihon University. Specializes in portrait photography. His portfolio includes work for numerous magazines as well as several photograph collections. Currently an enthusiast of 360° panorama photography.


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