Social Impact of a Declining Population

Japan “leads” the world when it comes to the graying of society and decline in population. This series considers future scenarios related to Japan’s population decrease and the challenges it will bring, while drawing comparisons to similar situations in other East Asian countries.

South Korea’s Explicit Family Policy and Japan’s Implicit ApproachSōma Naoko

South Korea has reformed its family policy to respond to its declining birthrate, aging population, and other changes, such as the increase in international marriages. Sōma Naoko examines the situation in South Korea to shed light on approaches to family policy that might suit Japan’s needs.

Defusing Japan’s Demographic Time BombShimazaki Kenji

The elderly are expected to make up some 40% of Japan’s population by 2060, according to the latest demographic projections. Policy expert Shimazaki Kenji explains, in plain language, the implications of this momentous shift and discusses what Japan must do now to soften the blow.

Japan’s Deepening Social DividesYamada Masahiro

Despite what Japan’s falling fertility rate might suggest, there is a strong yearning among young people for a conventional family. Chūō University Professor Yamada Masahiro, who coined the term parasite singles for the many unmarried adults who continue to live with their parents, explains the family’s realities and prospects.

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