Is Japan Moving to the Right?

International media outlets have pointed to a conservative shift in Japanese politics and society as a whole, but there are questions as to if this characterization is accurate. This series gets to the bottom of this question by taking a look at such topics as collective self-defense, xenophobic demonstrations, and the feelings of younger Japanese.

The Growing Ranks of Japan’s “Mellow Rebels”

The yankī (delinquent youth) of Japan today have grown soft. These “mild yankees” are socially conservative, notes Harada Yōhei, the author of Yankī Keizai (Yankee Economics), but are not politically so, correcting a misconception that they are behind the recent spate of hate speech protests.

The Illusion of “Rising Nationalism”: Internationalism and Xenophobia in Today’s JapanKarube Tadashi

Both in Japan and overseas, journalists have been expressing concern about the rise of nationalism under Prime Minister Abe Shinzō. A political scientist questions the validity of these worries.

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