Reflections on 60 Years of Japanese ODA

Japan’s official development assistance program turns 60 this year, and the government is revising its ODA Charter for the first time in over a decade. In this series we observe this milestone by assessing the development of Japan’s foreign aid program from the perspective of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, a development economist, and the head of a nongovernmental organization that has come to play a central role in linking Japanese foreign aid with the people it is intended to help.

Building Legends in International Cooperation: An Interview with JICA President Tanaka Akihiko

Japan's top foreign aid official looks back on six decades of official development assistance and airs his vision for "cooperation with a face" and the kind of ODA that will be remembered for years to come.

Sparking Social Change: Public and Private Partnerships in Japanese ODAKitano Naohiro

As an increasingly diverse range of financing and investment across different sectors of society is directed at developing countries, official development assistance is making up a smaller portion of resources flowing to less-developed areas. With an eye to the future, the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s Kitano Naohiro considers the role Japanese ODA should play as it moves forward.

Japan’s Quiet NGO Revolution: Toward a Cross-Sector Model of Foreign AidŌnishi Kensuke

Japanese nongovernmental organizations have taken off in the past two decades, and their overseas humanitarian efforts are quietly changing the face of Japanese foreign aid. Ōnishi Kensuke, founder of one of Japan’s largest NGOs and author of key domestic and regional initiatives for cross-sector collaboration, discusses the progress of this movement and his sweeping vision for the future.

Reassessing Japan’s Development AssistanceŌtsuka Keijirō

Japan can be proud of the fruits of its official development assistance. But what should it do to make this ODA more effective? A development economist calls for a strategic approach with emphasis on developing human resources.

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