How Will Big Data Change Japan?

Strategic uses of big data are expected to spawn a spate of innovative new industries and services, but a number of issues will need to be addressed to capture its full potential, including ways to protect personal information. What makes big data unique, and how can it be effectively used to create value while minimizing risks?

The Challenges of Medical Big DataTsukasaki Asako

How can the wealth of clinical data being amassed at hospitals across Japan every day be effectively analyzed and harnessed to improve the quality of medical care and cut medical costs? Journalist Tsukasaki Asako delves into the front lines of such efforts.

“Big Data” Raises Big Legal Questions in JapanSekiguchi Waichi

A debate is going on now in Japan on how data amassed from consumers can be effectively used without infringing on individual privacy. This article looks at recent moves on the part of the government with regard to the rules for the use of this “big data.”

Charting the Future with Big DataAtaka Kazuto

What exactly is big data and how can it be used to maximum advantage? Yahoo Japan Chief Strategy Officer Ataka Kazuto describes the domains where big data holds the greatest promise and identifies hurdles in Japan hindering its fuller utilization.

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