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Government Panel Makes 10 Recommendations for Reducing Social Contact

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A government panel of health specialists has put together 10 recommendations for stopping the COVID-19 spread by reducing person-to-person contact.

Two weeks have passed since Prime Minister Abe Shinzō declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and six other prefectures and one week since he expanded it nationwide in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. As the infection continues to spread, a government panel of health specialists has made 10 recommendations as part of efforts to reduce person-to-person contact by 80%.

Talk to relatives or parents living apart using video chat instead of making a trip to their home.

Go to the supermarket alone or limit the size of your group, and go at less crowded times.

Limit the number of people you jog with, and play in parks that are less crowded or at less crowded times.

Make non-urgent purchases online.

Hold drinking parties online.

Use remote medical consultation services.

Use videos to do workouts and yoga at home.

Get takeout or use delivery services instead of eating out.

Work should be done from home, except essential services, such as those related to medical care, infrastructure, and distribution.

Wear masks when talking to others.

(Translated from Japanese. All illustrations courtesy Irasutoya.)

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