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Japan’s Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Medalists

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A full list of Japan’s medal winners at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, held in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan’s Medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

=Gold    =Silver    =Bronze

Sugino Akiko, Fujihara Daisuke (September 5) Mixed doubles SL3-SU5 (badminton) Defeated India in the bronze-medal match.
Japan national team (September 5) Men’s wheelchair basketball Lost to the United States in the final in a close contest.
Kajiwara Daiki, Murayama Hiroshi (September 5) Men’s doubles WH1-WH2 (badminton) The 19-year-old Kajiwara and 47-year-old Murayama worked together to take bronze.
Satomi Sarina, Yamazaki Yuma (September 5) Women’s doubles WH1-WH2 (badminton) Lost the first game, but made a strong comeback.
Michishita Misato (September 5) Women’s marathon T12 (athletics) Overcame the disappointment of silver at Rio in 2016 with a gold-winning performance.
Kajiwara Daiki (September 5) Men’s singles WH2 (badminton) Defeated the world number one to win gold.
Nagata Tsutomu (September 5) Men’s marathon T46 (athletics) After a work accident that left his right arm paralyzed, he trained to win a medal in his first Paralympics.
Horikoshi Tadashi (September 5) Men’s marathon T12 (athletics) Improved on his fourth-place finish at Rio in 2016.
Kunieda Shingo (September 4) Men’s singles (wheelchair tennis) The Paralympic star took gold in front of a home crowd.
Itō Noriko, Suzuki Ayako (September 4) Women’s doubles SL3-SU5 (badminton) Rallied from falling seven points behind in the early stages of the second game.
Yamazaki Yuma (September 4) Women’s singles WH2 (badminton) Stopped playing badminton after a spinal injury at high school, but returned to focus on the sport after motherhood
Kawamoto Keisuke, Takahashi Kazuki (September 4) Mixed pairs BC3 (boccia) Despite beating world-best Greek team in the semifinal, finished with silver.
Suzuki Ayako (September 4) Women’s singles SU5 (badminton) Applied world championship experience in taking silver.
Sugino Akiko (September 4) Women’s singles SU5 (badminton) Won an all-Japan bronze medal match.
Satomi Sarina (September 4) Women’s singles WH1 (badminton) Japan’s first gold in the newly introduced sport.
Kamiji Yui, Ōtani Momoko (September 4) Women’s doubles (wheelchair tennis) Japan’s first medal in the event.
Japan national team (September 4) Mixed team BC1-2 (boccia) A second successive medal in the team event for Japan.
Kamiji Yui (September 3) Women’s singles (wheelchair tennis) Improved on her bronze medal at Rio in 2016.

Sawada Uran, Ōshima Kengo, Takamatsu Yuka, Suzuki Tomoki (September 3)

4x100-meter universal relay (athletics) Japan took bronze in the first time this event appeared at the games.
Kimura Keiichi (September 3) Men’s 100-meter butterfly S11 (swimming) A gold medal for the Paralympic veteran.
Tomita Uchū (September 3) Men’s 100-meter butterfly S11 (swimming) Ensured with his silver that Japan took first and second place in the event.
Japan national team (September 3) Women’s goalball The team’s first medal since taking gold at London in 2012.
Ōya Yūki (September 3) Men’s 100 meters T52 (athletics) Won silver in his first Paralympics.
Sugiura Keiko (September 3) Women’s road race C1-3 (cycling) Matched her time trial gold.
Suzuki Takayuki (September 2) Men’s 50-meter freestyle S4 (swimming) His fifth medal of the games and his tenth Paralympic medal ever.
Yamada Miyuki (September 2) Women’s 50-meter backstroke S2 (swimming) The junior high school student won her second silver of the games.
Moroishi Mitsuteru, Sugeno Kōji (September 2) Quad doubles (wheelchair tennis) Defeated a British pair to take bronze in the early hours of September 2.
Sugimura Hidetaka (September 1) Mixed individual BC2 (boccia) Contributed to Japan’s team silver in 2016 before winning individual gold.
Kimura Keiichi (September 1) Men’s 100-meter breaststroke SB11 (swimming) Added to his six medals at previous Paralympics.
Sugiura Keiko (August 31) Women’s time trial C1-3 (cycling) After serious injury in a 2016 amateur cycling race, she registered as a paracyclist. Won gold at her first Paralympics at the age of 50.
Wada Shin’ya (August 31) Men’s 1500 meters T11 (athletics) Followed up his 5000-meter bronze with silver.
Tomita Uchū (August 30) Men’s 200-meter individual medley SM11 (swimming) His second medal, after winning silver in the 400-meter freestyle.
Suzuki Takayuki (August 30) Men’s 200-meter freestyle S4 (swimming) His fourth medal of the games, and his first silver.
Satō Tomoki (August 29) Men’s 1500 meters T52 (athletics) Set a new Paralympic record to win his second gold.
Ueyonabaru Hirokazu (August 29) Men’s 1500 meters T52 (athletics) Secured his second bronze at the Tokyo Paralympics.
Yamaguchi Naohide (August 29) Men’s 100-meter breaststroke SB14 (swimming) Making his first Paralympic appearance at 20, beat his own world record time.
Ogawa Kazusa (August 29) Women’s 70-kilogram (jūdō) Took the bronze in her first ever Paralympics.
Japan national team (August 29) Wheelchair rugby Matched the bronze medal win in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.
Suzuki Takayuki (August 28) Men’s 150-meter individual medley SM4 (swimming) His third medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.
Itō Maki (August 28) Women’s singles class 11 (table tennis) Japan’s first Paralympics table tennis medal since 2000.
Yoneoka Satoru (August 28) Men’s PTVI (triathlon) Only began the triathlon seriously in 2021, winning the Asia Triathlon Championships before earning bronze at the Paralympics.
Uda Hideki (August 28) Men’s PTS4 (triathlon) A top soccer player until university level, his powerful legs helped him secure silver.
Satō Tomoki (August 27) Men’s 400 meters T52 (athletics) Set a new Paralympic record, but fell just short of beating his personal best.
Ueyonabaru Hirokazu (August 27) Men’s 400 meters T52 (athletics) At 50 years old, won his first medal since winning a silver in the marathon at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.
Seto Yūjirō (August 27) Men’s 66-kilogram (jūdō) Proceeded through the repechage competition to win a bronze.
Karasawa Ken’ya (August 27) Men’s 5000 meters T11 (athletics) The training he completed alongside a full-time job bore fruit with a silver medal win.
Wada Shin’ya (August 27) Men’s 5000 meters T11 (athletics) Matched his bronze medal at the 2012 London Paralympics.
Tomita Uchū (August 26) Men’s 400-meter freestyle S11 (swimming) The late bloomer, in his first Paralympics at 32, improved considerably on his personal best to take silver.
Suzuki Takayuki (August 26) Men’s 100-meter freestyle S4 (swimming) Followed his bronze the previous day with gold.
Suzuki Takayuki (August 25) Men’s 50-meter breaststroke SB3 (swimming) In his fifth Paralympics, the veteran won his first medal since 2008 in Beijing.
Yamada Miyuki (August 25) Women’s 100-meter backstroke S2 (swimming) Winner of Japan’s first medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. The 14-year-old is also the youngest ever Japanese Paralympic medalist.

(Originally published in Japanese. Banner photo: Kimura Keiichi (left) and Tomita Uchū embrace after the men’s 100-meter butterfly (S11) event. © Jiji.)

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