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Nihon University Tops Graduate Ranking for Japan’s Company Presidents

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Nihon University’s huge student body makes it the overwhelming leader in educating Japan’s future company presidents.

An analysis of corporate databases conducted by the credit research agency Tokyo Shōkō Research shows that 20,890 company leaders nationwide in 2021 are graduates of Nihon University. In the 11 times, the survey has been held, Nihon University has consistently topped the list, and in 2021 it has nearly twice as many company presidents among its alumni as Keiō University and Waseda University, which are in second and third place, respectively. As of May 2021, Nihon University has 66,036 undergraduate students, while Keio has 28,667, and Waseda has 37,912. On the whole, the leading universities in producing company presidents are these sorts of institutions with mammoth student bodies.

Only two national universities appear in the top-20 ranking below: the University of Tokyo in tenth place and Kyoto University in twentieth place. The University of Tokyo first entered the top 10 in 2019 and has maintained its place therein for the past three years.

Top 20 Universities by Number of Company President Among Alumni 

  University Number of company presidents
1 Nihon University 20,890
2 Keiō University 10,625
3 Waseda University 10,441
4 Meiji University 8,339
5 Chūō University 7,656
6 Hōsei University 6,157
7 Kindai University 5,886
8 Tōkai University 5,818
9 Dōshisha University 4,932
10 University of Tokyo 4,104
11 Kansai University 3,861
12 Aoyama Gakuin University 3,620
13 Senshū University 3,488
14 Rikkyō University 3,465
15 Ritsumeikan University 3,380
16 Fukuoka University 3,149
17 Kwansei Gakuin University 3,012
18 Aichi Gakuin University 2,671
19 Tōyō University 2,606
20 Kyoto University 2,504

Created by Nippon.com based on data from Tokyo Shōkō Research.

Nihon University was also the top university for producing company presidents in 18 prefectures of Japan. The university is particularly strong among prefectures in eastern Japan. In western Japan, meanwhile, local national and private universities tend to lead prefectural rankings. In the Kansai area, Kindai University was the top-ranked school in Osaka, Nara, and Wakamoto Prefectures.

According to Tokyo Shōkō Research, Nihon University has produced more company presidents than local universities in many prefectures because it has sent over 1.2 million graduates out into the workforce since its founding in 1889, which is more than any other university. Another factor is that the sons and daughters of local business executives who attend one the 26 affiliated high schools across the country often go on to study at Nihon University and return to their hometowns after graduation to take over their family businesses.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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