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Survey Shows Meals Still Revolve Around Rice in Japan

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Rice is still the most popular staple food in Japan according to a recent survey, especially at dinner time.

A survey by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, which analyzed the weekly meals of 30 persons across Japan, found that the primary staple food was rice, consumed as such by more than 40% of the respondents, and that around 40% of all food consumed was produced in Japan.

This marks the second time to conduct the survey, which was introduced in fiscal 2020. The method involved a quantitative survey as well as photograph-based survey. For the latter, 30 people were selected representing an unbiased sampling in terms of gender, age, and region of Japan. They were asked to photograph their meals during a period of one week between November and December 2021.

According to the results, of the total 630 meals (three daily meals over seven days for 30 people), rice accounted for the largest proportion (41.1%), followed by bread (18.7%), noodles (14.1%), and “other” (meals consisting mainly of side dishes only, fruit, or sweets) (10.3%). Men tended to be more likely to choose bread or noodles, while women ate relatively more rice.

Bread was the most common staple for breakfast, at 34.3%, followed by rice and “other,” each at 16.2%; while 31.9% skipped breakfast. For lunch, 36.7% ate rice, 28.6% noodles, and 17.1% bread. Rice was also the most common staple for dinner, at 70.5%, followed by noodles at 12.4%, “other” at 10.0%, and bread at 4.8%.

Among the 30 survey participants, 40% of the food consumed for the week of meals was produced in Japan, as compared to 37% in the previous survey. The rate was 41% among men and 39% among women. By age group, the rate was 40% among those age 15 to 34, 39% among those 35 to 54, and 41% among those 55 to 74.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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