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Average Salary at Japanese Listed Companies Rises to ¥6.05 Million

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The highest average salary was ¥26.9 million at M&A Capital Partners.

A survey by Tokyo Shōkō Research revealed that the average annual salary in fiscal 2021 for 3,213 listed companies was ¥6.05 million. This was a year-on-year increase of ¥104,000, or 1.7%. It was the first time in three years that the average salary had increased. Of the 3,102 companies for which the previous year’s results could be compared, 2,087, or approximately 70%, had raised their rates of pay.

According to a National Tax Agency survey regarding private salary statistics, the average annual salary for regular employees in 2020 was considerably lower at ¥4,957,000.

The highest average salary for an individual company was the brokerage business M&A Capital Partners with ¥26.9 million. This was a year-on-year increase of 18.4% and since 2014 the company has held on to top position . Ranked second and third were Keyence (electronic equipment) and Hulic (real estate), respectively. Half of the companies in the top 10 were involved in general trading.

The most common amount for average annual salaries was in the range of ¥5 million to ¥6 million and accounted for 984 companies or 30.6% of total respondents. The next highest range was ¥6 million to ¥7 million for 783 companies. There were 57 companies with an average annual salary of ¥10 million or more, up by 8 from the previous year.

Highest Average Salaries in Fiscal 2021

Company Industry Average Salaries (¥ million)
M&A Capital Partners Services 26.9
Keyence Electronic equipment 21.8
Hulic Real estate 18.0
Jinushi Real estate 16.9
Itōchū Trading 15.8
Mitsubishi Corporation Trading 15.6
Mitsui & Co. Trading 15.5
Solasia Pharma Pharmaceutical products 14.9
Marubeni Trading 14.7
Sumitomo Trading 14.1

Created by Nippon.com based on data from Tokyo Shōkō Research.

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