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Cold Feet: Couples Remain Hesitant to Hold Large Weddings amid Pandemic

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The majority of couples who got married in 2021 had serious doubts about holding a large event amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A wedding trends survey conducted by Recruit’s bridal information magazine Zexy in 2022 showed that 83.8% of couples who wed in 2021 had a degree of hesitancy about holding ceremonies, receptions, and parties. This was slightly less than in 2020, when the level was at 90%, but it was still clear that holding gatherings with a large number of people was a major concern for newlyweds.

The survey, conducted between April and May 2022, was mailed to 5,838 people who had held wedding ceremonies and receptions in 2021, with 4,016 valid responses being received.

How hesitant were you about holding a wedding ceremony or party?

In 2021, the average total cost for wedding-related events such as a ceremony or reception was ¥3.03 million, an increase of ¥115,000 compared to the previous year. However, the amount was still some ¥500,000 lower than the average outlay prior to the pandemic. The main factor behind the drop in cost was the reduction in the number of invited guests. The pre-pandemic average had been 60 to 70 people, compared to 42.8 guests in 2020 and 43.2 in 2021. This scaling down raised the average cost per guest to ¥98,000. The total amount spent on wedding gifts rose slightly from the previous year, but remained around ¥1.8 million.

Wedding Ceremony Expenses and Cost per Guest

Number of Guests and Amount Spent on Wedding Gifts

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