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Survey Finds Japanese People’s Dream Car Is a Lexus

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A foreign car was once a major status symbol, but a recent survey in Japan found that people of all ages rate the Japanese Lexus as their dream drive.

In a survey on dream cars in Japan, the Toyota Lexus came out in front of a Porsche or Ferrari.

The car rental company Park24 questioned 5,225 of its users and Lexus took sole top position for favorite car brand with 16%. Porsche ranked second with 10%, while Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes all tied in third with 9%. Since the survey began in 2015, this is the first time that a domestic brand has overtaken the many other supercar brands to lead the ranking. Every age group, from teenagers to drivers over 60 rated Lexus top, and teenagers also picked the regular Toyota as their second choice.

Dream Car Brands

The majority of participants at 51% chose their dream car brand because they “like the design”. This was followed by 28% who said it “gives a sense of status” and 25% who “feel it has good performance”. While 37% of people chose Lexus because of its design, 46% chose it for its status value.

What’s the attraction?

The SUV was the most popular body type with 28%. The compact car, with 22%, placed second and the minivan and minicar came third, both with 13%.

Favorite Car Body Style

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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