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Distrust in Religion Rises in Japan

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Recent scandals in Japan have eroded trust in religion in general. While this is not so true for Buddhism, there is relatively little interest in the faith.

A survey looking at attitudes toward religion in Japan was recently conducted by the Tokyo temple Tsukiji Honganji. Of the 1,600 people targeted, when asked if their views of religion had changed in the past one to two years, 39.7% said that they felt increased distrust. Notably, around 50% of women aged from their late teens through their forties had this feeling.

I feel increased distrust in religion

By comparison with religion in general, there was less aversion to Buddhism and many felt a connection with it. However, nearly half answered that they had “no impression,” which the temple suggested meant a lack of involvement with Buddhism has led to it creating little impression, whether positive or negative.

Impression of Religion and Buddhism

A majority of both men and women in their fifties and under replied that they had “no reason to visit” a Buddhist temple. Moreover, the younger the age group, the more people said that they did not know the purpose of a temple.

I have no reason to visit a temple

The nationwide survey, held online in mid-February, was aimed at 1,600 people aged from 18 to 79.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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