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Working Japanese Women See Office Stress as Contributing to Skin Problems

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In a survey of employed women in Japan, 63% felt that their work environment was the cause of skin problems, with stress identified as the most common factor.

The cosmetics manufacturer and retailer DHC conducted a survey, asking 1,000 employed women in their twenties through fifties, about issues they had with their skin. It revealed that only 17.6% of the respondents were “confident with the current condition of their skin” while more than 80% felt unconfident.

Do you feel happy about the condition of your skin?

Asked about what specific skin problems they had, the top three for women in their twenties were “pores” (54.4%), “acne and pimples” (50.8%), and “roughness” (50.8%), while for those in their thirties, it was “pores” (58.4%), “blemishes” (54.8%), and “dryness” (45.6%). Meanwhile, “blemishes” was the problem that plagued women the most in their forties (70%) and fifties (74.4%). The difference in issues troubling each generation was clearly visible.

Skin Problems Experienced by Women in Their Thirties

The survey also showed that 63% of women felt that their “work environment” was the cause of their skin woes. Among those, the most common cause, given by 54.0%, was “stress due to work and personal relationships.”

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Aspect of Work Environment Causing Skin Problems

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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