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“Good Job Fit” Top Reason for Japanese Dispatch Workers to Renew Contracts


For dispatch workers in Japan to want to renew their contract, a good job fit and good relations with others in the workplace were more important factors than the hourly rates.

People choose dispatch positions so that they can work in a way that suits their needs, such as while raising children or wanting to study for a qualification. A survey conducted in January by En Japan, which runs a dispatch job information website, revealed that 85% of the 3,776 respondents gave “good job fit” as the top reason they would want to keep renewing their temp work contract. This was followed by 75% stating “good interpersonal relationships,” 59% saying “has the work conditions I want,” and 56% with “high-paying hourly rates.”

Among the comments received from respondents, one woman in her forties said that “if I’ve picked a job that’s rewarding and fun, I’m more likely to keep doing it,” while a man in his twenties explained that “even if the pay’s good, I’m not going to stay if there are issues with the managers and co-workers.”

What aspects of your job/workplace make you want to keep renewing your contract?

At 56%, the majority of people currently working dispatch renewed their contracts “every three months.” A further 11% renewed theirs “every month” and the same percentage did so “every six months.” These results showed that almost 80% renewed their agreements for periods of less than one year.

When asked if they were interested in entering into indefinite-term employment contracts, where their work term with a dispatch company is not fixed, 79% answered “yes,” far outnumbering the 21% who said “no.” With the majority of contracts being renewed for less than one year, it is understandable that many dispatch workers may be concerned that they will have difficulty finding their next job in good time and so not be able to rely on stable income.

Regularity of Contract Renewal

Overall, 42% of respondents had at some point refused to renew their contract, with the main reasons being “interpersonal relationships in the workplace” (33%), “bad work fit” (24%), and “the job description didn’t match the reality of the work” (22%).

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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