The Soothing Sight and Scent of Lavender: Nakafurano, Hokkaidō

Guide to Japan

A major tourist attraction in Hokkaidō during the summer is the Furano Basin, where fields of lavender spread out against the backdrop of the Takachidake mountain range. One of the most popular spots there is Farm Tomita, located in the town of Nakafurano. Visitors can enter free of charge from spring to autumn to enjoy the wide types of flowers there, including around 50,000 lavender plants of five varieties. Families and couples on dates flock to the area from July to early August when the lavender is in full bloom, enjoying to the full the brief summer of this northern land.

The bright purple color and pleasant scent of the lavender can soothe your mind, and cultivation of it was first begun in Hokkaidō by farmers seeking to produce it for use in producing scented products. Japan’s only manufacturing plant of essential oils obtained from lavender is located on the grounds of Farm Tomita. Visitors touring the plant can see the amber-colored liquid flowing from the distillation device, and the perfumers working to perfect the fragrance. Farm Tomita is a seven- or eight-minute walk from Lavender Farm Station on the JR Furano Line, but please note that the special Furano-Biei Norokko-gō train only stops at this station on weekends and holidays in summer.

(Originally published in Japanese. Created in cooperation with Sapporo Television Broadcasting.)

Hokkaidō summer flower