Cosmos in Full Bloom Announce the Arrival of Autumn: Engaru, Hokkaidō

Guide to Japan

Colorful cosmos flowers in bloom in Taiyō-no-oka Engaru Park, located in Engaru, Hokkaidō, are a sign that autumn has arrived. The Japanese name for cosmos is akizakura, or “autumn cherry blossom.” Most of the flowers have little white or pink petals, much like cherry blossoms, but there are many other varieties, including those with larger petals and double blossoms, as well as kibana cosmos with yellow or orange petals. The cosmos area in the park covers 10 hectares, with around 10 million flowers in total, making it one of the largest cosmos viewing areas in Japan. An admission fee is usually charged during the season when the flowers are in bloom, but this year entrance is free of charge since normally scheduled events were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Park officials say the flowers are at their best in early September. Visitors can go to the park (after donning a mask and taking other proper precautions) to enjoy this distinctive autumn scenery.

(Originally published in Japanese. Created in cooperation with Sapporo Television Broadcasting.)

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