Live from Akita: The 2019 Akita Kantō Matsuri (Daytime Contest of Pole-Carrying Skills)

Guide to Japan Culture

CNA (Cable Networks Akita) presents the contest of skills among participants carrying long, lantern-laden poles at this year’s Akita Kantō Matsuri live starting at 9:15 a.m. JST on Tuesday, August 6.

At the Akita Kantō Matsuri, participants carry kantō, long bamboo poles laden with racks of lanterns, in a nighttime parade, and the following day the carriers show off their amazing skills as they balance these poles—up to 12 meters high and weighing up to 50 kilometers—on different parts of their bodies and pass them to other team members while keeping them upright. Performers of the traditional hayashi festival music also vie with each other in this daytime contest, which will be streamed live from Akita on CNA.

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