Mount Haku: One of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains”

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Mount Haku, or Hakusan, is the most prominent natural feature of Ishikawa Prefecture. Its name means “white mountain,” and it is in fact covered with snow for more than half of the year. The mountain and its environs have been designated Hakusan National Park, a vast natural preserve that attracts many mountain climbers and other visitors. The alpine plants that grow near the top are a charming addition to the summer scene.

Mount Haku is considered to be one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains,” the other two being Mount Fuji and Tateyama. It has traditionally been revered by the people of the area as a source of the water essential for farming and as a navigational landmark for fishers and others at sea.

(Originally published in Japanese. Created in cooperation with Kanazawa Cable Television.)

Ishikawa nature mountain Mount Haku (Hakusan)