A Summer Stroll Through Green Kanazawa

Guide to Japan Travel

In the minds of many Japanese, “Kanazawa” brings forth images of a city covered in white—as it commonly is during the long, snowy winter. The summer scene, by contrast, is rich in green, bright in the sunny weather that prevails during this season. One course for a pleasant summer stroll is down the steps of the “art trail” leading from the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art to the Kanazawa Nakamura Memorial Museum. The head of the trail is located near two of the city’s most famous attractions, the great Kenrokuen garden and Kanazawa Castle Park. The path is well shaded by a lush canopy of green, and a stream of water from the Tatsumi Canal splashes down the slope beside the stairway, taking visitors’ minds off the summer heat. Not far from the foot of the trail are two additional attractions: the Higashi Chaya district of traditional wooden architecture and the imposing Oyama Shrine (Oyama-jinja).

(Originally published in Japanese. Created in cooperation with Kanazawa Cable Television.)

Kanazawa Ishikawa Hokuriku