Cherry Blossoms

Kyoto’s Cherry Blossoms: Spring 2018

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When spring comes to Kyoto, the ancient capital is draped in the rosy pink of cherry blossoms. Their light hue beautifully complements the city’s timeworn temples and shrines.


Gion Shirakawa

Beautiful cherry trees blooming along the side of a small brook off the Shirakawa river.

Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

<em>Shidarezakura</em> cherry trees located near the former Konoetei residence.
Shidarezakura cherry trees located near the former Konoetei residence.

Philosopher’s Path

The cherry trees along the famous path from Kumano Nyakuōji Shrine to Ginkakuji make the 1.5 kilometer stroll a sakura tunnel.

Heian Shrine

Benishidare around the Shōbikan guest house, located in the east of the shrine grounds. The cherry blossoms reflected on the water make for a gorgeous sight.

Daigoji Temple

The temple Daigoji, a registered world heritage site, is one of the most renowned spots in the city to take in the beauty of the blossoms.


Arashiyama is listed as one of the “Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots”  in Japan. Here you can see sakura located by Togetsukyō bridge.

(Video by Fujii Kazuyuki. Photos by Kuroiwa Masakazu. Banner photo: Benishidare trees sitting before the Taiheikaku pavilion in Heian Shrine.)

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