Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms: Spring 2018 (Video)

Guide to Japan

The arrival of spring this year again blanketed Tokyo in cherry blossoms, bringing out revelers in droves to admire the pink blooms. In this video we take a tour of some of the best-known hanami (flower viewing) spots around the capital.

Ueno Park

The cherry blossoms at Ueno Park draw the most visitors of any flower-viewing spot in Tokyo.

Asukayama Park

The park is where the blossom-viewing culture of Tokyo began.

Koganei Park

The stunning Koganei cherry blossoms have attracted people since the Edo period.

Inokashira Park

Around 250 trees surround the park’s pond, the source of Tokyo’s famed Kanda River.

(Originally published in Japanese on April 4, 2018. Photographs and video by Miwa Noriaki.)

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