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Slices of life in Japan. Quick looks at aspects of culture, society, and human relations that help to paint a more detailed picture of the nation.


On a cold day, nabe (hot pot) is perfect for warming both body and soul. Here we introduce some of Japan’s most popular varieties.


The eto are zodiacal animals that form a 12-year cycle. Around November and December, the animal connected with the upcoming year starts to appear in stores on New Year nengajō cards and a range of seasonal products on sale in Japan’s stores.


Izakaya are popular places to drop in for a drink and a bite to eat with friends or work colleagues. Shops usually have a casual atmosphere and offer a range of beverages and food.

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Japan’s Emperor and Imperial Family

Japan’s imperial family has a long history, shading back into legend. The emperor today has a ceremonial role and performs numerous functions as a symbol of the state.

Japanese Castles

Many castles were built in Japan during the Warring States period (1467–1568), when regional leaders vied for power. Although a large number were destroyed in the centuries that followed, there are still several fine structures to visit today, including those that have been reconstructed.

Mount Fuji

An introduction to Japan’s iconic mountain that draws visitors from around the world for its main summer climbing season.


Japanese summer would not be the same without the shaved ice dessert kakigōri. Traditionally incorporating syrup, it may also feature many other ingredients.


Tatami flooring is seen in many traditional Japanese spaces, including rooms, inns, restaurants, temples, and tearooms. Whether made with rice straw and rush grass or more modern substitutes, it contributes to a classic Japanese atmosphere.

Cosmetics in Japan

Japanese cosmetics span new and traditional varieties. The wide choice of beauty products also continues to adapt to meet the evolving needs of users.

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