Tokyo Poster Conveys Scale of 2011 Tsunami (Japan in Photos)

A poster on the Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo, marks six years since the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It includes a line highlighted in red at a height of 16.7 meters, the same as the tallest recorded wave in the 2011 tsunami, with the aim of reminding people of the scale of the disaster. Our translation of the sign's message:

March 11. Each time this day
comes around, we recall what
happened then. Six years have
passed since the Great East Japan
Earthquake. No more disasters.
We think this each year, but
someday disaster might—no,
will—strike again. On that day,
the tsunami in Ōfunato, Iwate,
reached 16.7 meters in height.
If this wave came here, to Ginza,
it would be exactly this tall.
This is probably much higher than
you had imagined. But now that
you know how high it is, the actions
you can take are different. Yes.
Now we can prepare ourselves.
Our imaginations are expanded
by the memories of the disaster
victims, and we gain fresh wisdom.
Not forgetting that day is the
best disaster preparation of all.
This is what Yahoo believes.

The poster will remain in place until March 12. (© Jiji)

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