Japanese Fascination with Olympic Curling “Snack Time” is Gold-Medal Win for Hokkaidō Cheesecake Maker (Japan in Photos)

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The Japanese women’s curling team nibble on strawberries and other snacks during the halftime break of their Olympic match against Sweden on February 19 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Japanese eagerly following the team’s bronze-medal performance at the Games were captivated by the mid-match respite, dubbing it “snack time” for the various treats team members were seen enjoying while strategizing for the second half of competitions. Scenes of the lady curlers munching on Akai Sairo (red silo) cheesecakes, a local favorite in Kitami in Hokkaidō where the team is based, launched the sweets into the limelight, swamping maker Seigetsu with telephone and online orders from around country.

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