Denmark progress to Olympic team pursuit final after dramatic crash with Britain

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Denmark's Frederik Madsen crashed into Britain's Charlie Tanfield during the men's team pursuit at the Olympic Games. AFP
Denmark’s Frederik Madsen crashed into Britain’s Charlie Tanfield during the men’s team pursuit at the Olympic Games. AFP

Shizuoka, Japan | AFP

Danish rider Frederik Madsen smashed into the back of Britain’s Charlie Tanfield in the Olympic men’s team pursuit on Tuesday but Denmark were awarded the win and will battle for the gold medal.

Britain earlier called for their opponents to be disqualified, complaining to cycling’s governing body the UCI that their opponents had worn illegal undervests and tape on their legs during Monday’s heats.

Madsen slammed into the back of Tanfield as he tried to overtake, leaving the pair sprawled across the track. A furious Madsen then appeared to shout at the British rider while he was on the floor.

Denmark, without tape or undervests, were on course for a clear victory but it took time for the result to be announced. They will go on to face Italy for the gold medal on Wednesday.

Italy had earlier broken the world record with a time of 3min 42.307sec to beat New Zealand.

Before the race, British cycling performance director Stephen Park said Denmark should be disqualified for the tape and undervests they wore on Monday.

“Do I think they should be disqualified? I don’t think there is any alternative,” Park said. “The rules are clear. It says you cannot apply something to the skin. They have applied something to the skin.

“It says in the specific rule that if you break that rule, your option is for being eliminated or disqualified, so they have no option. There is no doubt in anyone else’s mind that it is deliberate.”


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