Government Prepares for Upcoming Enthronement Ceremony, Releases Photos of Imperial Parade Vehicle

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Preparations are in progress for a ceremony to be held at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on October 22 to celebrate the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito, who succeeded to the imperial throne on May 1. On September 18 Prime Minister Abe Shinzō chaired a meeting of the government’s committee responsible for this enthronement ceremony, called Sokuirei Seiden no Gi, and related events. After the meeting he declared that the entire government is working as one both to host the guests in attendance from other countries around the world and to assure that the ceremony is conducted  with solemnity.

Following the enthronement ceremony, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako will ride in a convertible along a parade route starting at the palace and ending at Akasaka Estate, the site of their current residence. The car, a special version of the Toyota Century, has been completed, and photographs of it were released on September 18. The rear seat has been raised four centimeters to give spectators along the route a better view of the imperial couple. After its debut in October, the new vehicle will be put on display at the State Guest Houses in Tokyo and Kyoto, and it is expected to be used for various diplomatic events.

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