Rice for Daijōsai Imperial Succession Rite Harvested in Tochigi and Kyoto Prefectures

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On September 27, “Saiden-Nukiho-no-Gi” ceremonies were conducted at special rice paddies in Tochigi and Kyoto Prefectures to harvest ears of rice for use at the Daijōsai thanksgiving rite in November. Daijōsai is one of the major traditional rituals conducted by a new emperor following his accession.

At the specially designated “Saiden” rice paddy in Takanezawa, Tochigi Prefecture, a Shintō priest acting as the emperor’s emissary intoned a prayer, after which a group of people including the owner of the paddy and local officials, all clad in traditional working attire, harvested the rice, cutting the ears to a length of about 60 centimeters. The harvested rice was purchased by the Imperial Household Agency, which will store it for use in November. A similar ceremonial harvest was conducted in the town of Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture.

(Originally published in Japanese on FNN’s Prime Online on September 25, 2019. Translated and edited by Nippon.com.)


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