Inui Street at Imperial Palace Opened to Public, Along with Daijōkyū

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Starting on November 30, Inui Street at the Imperial Palace has been open to the public for the autumn foliage season. Visitors enter the palace grounds through the Sakashita Gate and exit through the Inui Gate. On the morning of the opening day, which was sunny and clear, a long line of people formed in front of the palace awaiting admission. Large crowds are visiting the grounds to enjoy the bright yellows and reds of the leaves and the beauty of the palace scenery. The public opening will continue daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. through December 8.

Inui Street was first opened to the general public for the cherry blossom season in the spring of 2014 to mark the occasion of then-reigning Emperor Akihito’s eightieth birthday in December 2013. The opening now takes place regularly twice a year, in the spring and the fall.

This time, in addition to enjoying the colorful foliage lining Inui Street, visitors can also view the Daijōkyū, a set of temporary structures erected for the thanksgiving rite called Daijōsai, which was conducted by Emperor Naruhito as one of the major ceremonies marking his accession to the throne this year. These structures present a truly imposing sight—one that will be gone when the grounds are opened to the public next spring.

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