Ohtani Shōhei Announces Marriage to Japanese Partner


On February 29 (Japan time), Los Angeles Dodgers star Ohtani Shōhei announced on his Instagram account that he was now a married man.

In an English comment on his Instagram post, Ohtani wrote: “Not only have I began a new chapter in my career with the Dodgers but I also have began a new life with someone from my native country of Japan who is very special to me and I wanted everyone to know I am now married.”

Ohtani's Instagram post, complete with an appearance by his dog Dekopin at bottom right. (© Jiji)
Ohtani’s Instagram post, complete with an appearance by his dog Dekopin at bottom right. (© Jiji)

Ohtani continued in English, “I am excited for what is come and thank you for your support.” In the Japanese displayed in his post, he noted: “I’m starting the season with a new team in an all-new environment, but the two of us (and one dog) will be supporting one another as we make our way forward together with the fans.”

In his post, Ohtani also stated that his press appearance the next day would address the issue of his marriage, asking the press to refrain from seeking interviews with both his and his partner’s families.

Ohtani and the Dodgers are scheduled to face off against the San Diego Padres, home to his countryman and fellow pitcher Darvish Yū, in a Major League season-opening series on March 20 and 21 in Seoul. This latest announcement ensures he will be a major presence in the Japanese media during the three weeks until then as well.

(Originally published in Japanese. Banner photo: Ohtani Shōhei at a media appearance following a spring-training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox in Glendale, Arizona, on February 27, 2024. © Jiji.)

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