Hiroshima Starts Reservoir Checks as Breaches Increase

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Hiroshima, July 12 (Jiji Press)--The Hiroshima prefectural government has started emergency inspections of artificial reservoirs in cooperation with the Self-Defense Forces, in the face of the breaches of many such bodies of water after torrential rains that struck western Japan over last weekend.

The number of reported reservoir breaches in the western Japan prefecture has come to 10, exceeding nine reported in heavy rains that hit northern parts of the Kyushu southwestern Japan region in July last year.

In Japan, there are some 200,000 artificial reservoirs for securing water used in farming, many of which are managed by local farmers. Some 60 pct of them are in Hiroshima and other prefectures in the Setouchi region around the Seto Inland Sea, which has low annual rainfall.

By prefecture, there are some 19,600 such reservoirs in Hiroshima, the second highest after about 43,200 in Hyogo Prefecture, which also faces the inland sea.

In the Hiroshima city of Fukuyama, a three-year-old girl died after being washed away in a reservoir breach caused by the recent heavy rain.

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