Evacuation Not Progressing despite Danger of Landslide

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Hiroshima, July 18 (Jiji Press)--The evacuation of residents living near 561-meter Mount Kannokura in the Asakita district of Hiroshima, a city in western Japan, is not progressing as the local government had hoped, following an evacuation order over a possible landslide.

While administrative authorities have made preparations for the evacuation, including setting up air conditioners at shelters, they are struggling to get people to leave their homes near the mountain, despite a growing risk of landslides from the effects of the recent torrential rain that mainly hit western Japan, amid smothering heat.

Flooding and landslides caused by the heavy rain have claimed the lives of 216 people so far, with 14 still missing.

A field investigation by Japan's land ministry confirmed a landslide some 100 meters in length and around 40 meters wide near the mountain's ridge.

The investigation also discovered a large crack above the soil avalanche. Debris flows may occur with even a small amount of rain, people familiar with the matter said.

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