Japan Top Court Rejects Retrial over 1957 Sunagawa Incident


Tokyo, July 19 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Supreme Court has rejected a plea for a retrial over the 1957 Sunagawa incident, in which demonstrators entered a then U.S. military base in a Tokyo suburb.

The plea, filed in 2014, had four petitioners, including those found guilty in the incident for violating the special criminal law based on the Japan-U.S. security pact.

The dismissal, dated Wednesday, was agreed unanimously by all four judges at the court's Second Petty Bench. The decision has become final.

In the incident, demonstrators entered the now-defunct U.S. base in the Tokyo town of Sunagawa, now the city of Tachikawa, to protest a plan to expand the base. Seven people were convicted.

The Supreme Court in 1959 overturned a Tokyo District Court ruling that found the U.S. military's presence in Japan unconstitutional and therefore acquitted the defendants. The top court said the U.S. military presence was constitutional.

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