4,500 Still in Shelters in Japan 2 Weeks after Record Rains

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Tokyo, July 19 (Jiji Press)--More than 4,500 people were still in shelters as of Thursday, two weeks after special warnings were issued in eight prefectures in western and southwestern Japan on July 6 due to torrential rains.

While progress has been made in restoring damaged infrastructure, many evacuees who lost their homes due to the disaster are likely to end up staying in shelters for a long time as preparations are still under way to provide temporary housing to them.

The death toll from mudslides and floods that followed the rains, which caused record precipitation at many locations, reached 217 in 14 prefectures, the worst level for a rain disaster since the current Heisei era started in 1989.

The number of deaths stood at 106 in Hiroshima Prefecture, 61 in Okayama Prefecture, and 26 in Ehime Prefecture. A total of 13 people remained missing--eight in Hiroshima, three in Okayama and two in Ehime.

According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, up to 3.6 million households, or 8.63 million people, were subject to evacuation orders or advisories. The peak number of evacuees living in shelters reached 42,000.

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