Most Husbands Think Chores, Child Rearing Should Be Shared


Tokyo, July 23 (Jiji Press)--The share of husbands saying they should share household chores and child rearing with their wives each topped 80 pct, twice the levels of 30 years ago, a survey has shown.

But there is a gap between ideal and reality, according to the survey by the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, which also showed wives do most housework.

The institute has conducted such polls every 10 years since 1988. The most recent one, taken between February and March this year, covered 630 married couples of salaried workers living in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

According to the latest survey, 81.7 pct of the responding men answered that husbands should split household chores with their wives, up from 38 pct in the 1988 survey.

The share of men who said husbands should share child-rearing duties shot up to 88.9 pct from 45.8 pct.

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