2 Years to Go: Companies Preparing for Rush of Tokyo Games Spectators


Tokyo, Aug. 2 (Jiji Press)--Companies in Tokyo are stepping up preparations to cope with an expected rush of people visiting the Japanese capital to watch the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

The number of spectators is projected at 7.8 million for the Olympics and 2.3 million for the Paralympics, raising concerns about Tokyo's ability to handle such a crowd.

Businesses are particularly concerned about further rush-hour problems, an adverse impact on corporate activities and disruptions to distribution.

Allowing employees to start earlier or later than usual or to work from home or remotely have been proposed as potential solutions to overcrowding during peak commuting hours.

The Tokyo metropolitan government launched its one-month "Jisa Biz" campaign on July 9 to encourage flexibility in work start times as a way to combat overcrowding on commuting trains. The Japanese word jisa means time difference in English.

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