LDP Eager to Attract Particle Accelerator Project to Japan


Tokyo, Aug. 15 (Jiji Press)--The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is eager to attract a project to build the International Linear Collider, a next-generation particle accelerator, to Japan.

The party plans to launch a task force that will bring together five LDP divisions as early as this month and urge the government to make efforts to win the project.

The ILC project has been proposed by international researcher groups. Japanese scientists in favor of the construction call on the government to host the particle accelerator.

Researchers in the United States and Europe hope Japan will play a leading role.

The five LDP divisions are the Headquarters for Overcoming Population Decline and Regional Revitalization, the Headquarters for Promoting the Establishment of a Disaster Resilient Japan, the Research Commission on Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy, the Headquarters for Accelerating Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the Research Commission on Intellectual Property Strategy.

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