Pancake Back on Sale after "Kanano" Baseball Furor

Sports Economy

Akita, Aug. 23 (Jiji Press)--Excitement over the impressive performance of Kanaashi Nogyo at a national high school baseball championship has spilled into the retail sector.

On Thursday, two days after the high school, known as "Kanano" for short, finished second in the summer tournament, a pancake product jointly developed by Lawson Inc. <2651> and students of the school was released at all 191 stores of the major convenience store chain in Akita Prefecture, home to the prefecture-run agricultural high school.

"Kanano Pancake," priced at 145 yen, uses flour of the "Akita Komachi" variety of rice grown in Akita. Launched in 2012, the product has been revamped every year.

This year, Lawson sold the pancake in May and June in a limited-time offer. The chain decided to put it back on sale after a series of victories the high school chalked up over powerful teams at Hanshin Koshien Stadium, coming within one victory of bringing the championship to the Tohoku northeastern region, including Akita, for the first time ever.

Lawson prepared a limited number of the pancake and the sale will finish when it runs out of stock.

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