Disabled Personnel Number Padded by 3,460 at Japan Govt

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Tokyo, Aug. 28 (Jiji Press)--The number of disabled workers at Japanese government agencies in fiscal 2017 was padded by a total of 3,460, or more than half of the total claimed figure, the government said Tuesday.

Counting irregularities were detected at 27 of the 33 central government bodies surveyed, or over 80 pct.

Last December, the number of disabled workers at central government agencies was announced as about 6,900. The proportion of disabled workers was put at 2.49 pct of the total, above the legal standard of 2.3 pct for the fiscal year ended last March.

Without the falsely counted workers, however, the share of disabled personnel would have stood at 1.19 pct. The actual number was 3,396 short of the requirement.

Private companies would be fined for missing their statutory hiring rate, which was set at 2.0 pct for fiscal 2017, but no penalty will be imposed on central government bodies under the current law.

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