Hillsides Unrecognizable after Landslides in Hokkaido Quake

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Atsuma, Hokkaido, Sept. 6 (Jiji Press)--Landslides in the Yoshino district in Atsuma, a town in Hokkaido, devoured homes and trees alike in a powerful earthquake on Thursday, leaving behind gouged areas showing the reddish brown soil of what was once luscious green hillsides.

The landslides, caused by the earthquake that rocked the northernmost prefecture in the early morning, started near the top of the hill slopes.

The soil avalanches hurtled down to the foot of the hills, engulfing houses in their wake, poured across roads and flowed into rice paddies and fields. Destroyed trees and homes were spotted from the air piled up at the ends of the landslides.

The surface of the slopes the slides left behind resembled smoothly prepared ski slopes, indicating the landslides' powerful flow.

Mieko Nishimura, 79, who lives near the site of a landslide, said the area is beautiful in the autumn season as the trees on the hills show their autumn colors.

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