22 Japan Local Govts Inappropriately Counted Disabled Workers

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Tokyo, Sept. 12 (Jiji Press)--At least 22 Japanese prefectural governments included people who should not be counted among those with disabilities, in their tallies of disabled workers in fiscal 2018, a Jiji Press survey showed Wednesday.

The survey, which followed recent revelations that Japanese government agencies overstated their numbers of disabled workers, asked the governor offices of the country's 47 prefectural governments about their disabled hiring rates as of June 1, among other questions. They reported their data as of that day to the central government.

The survey found that 22 prefectural governments included in counts workers who became disabled after hiring without confirming disability certificates or regarded those who did not have such certificates as disabled.

The disabled hiring rate as of June 1 stood at 2.69 pct on average among 40 prefectures that gave responses, exceeding the legally required level of 2.5 pct.

Yamagata, Shizuoka, Shimane and Ehime prefectures said their rates would drop below 2 pct if they recalculated their figures using confirmed data. This does not necessarily mean the true figures would be lower, however, as the prefectures may be able to confirm workers' disability certificates later.

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