Japanese Wins Ig Nobel Prize for Self-Colonoscopy Study

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sept. 13 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese gastroenterologist won this year's Ig Nobel Medical Education Prize on Thursday for examining the effectiveness of colonoscopy in the sitting position using his own body.

Akira Horiuchi, 57, head of the digestive disease center at Showa Inan General Hospital in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, received the award at a ceremony held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This marked the 12th straight year of Japanese receiving the spoof version of the Nobel Prize.

Horiuchi has been pursuing ways to reduce the discomfort people feel when they undergo endoscopic examinations.

Although the prize-winning study itself did not bear fruit, Horiuchi told Jiji Press before the award ceremony, "This became the root of the research I do for the goal to reduce the number of people who die from colorectal cancer to zero."

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