Abe Reelected LDP Leader to Stay in Power


Tokyo, Sept. 20 (Jiji Press)--Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reelected president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Thursday, securing the continuation of his government for the next three years.

Taking the reelection as credit for his handling of the government since he returned as prime minister in December 2012, Abe is poised to redouble his efforts to reform the Japanese constitution, his long-cherished political aim, as well as to make sure that the country is no longer in deflation.

Earlier this year, public support for Abe's cabinet plunged due to a spate of scandals engulfing the administration, including cronyism allegations against him.

But in the party leadership poll on Thursday, Abe, 63, won a third consecutive three-year term by beating his sole contender, Shigeru Ishiba, 61, who has served as defense minister and in other ministerial posts, as well as LDP secretary-general, by a vote of 553 to 254.

After Abe won the previous LDP leadership election by default three years ago, the party revised its internal rules last year to allow its president to serve up to three terms in a row for a total of nine years, against the previous limit of two consecutive terms for six years.

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