60 Pct of Japanese Favor of Sorting Out Graves


Tokyo, Sept. 22 (Jiji Press)--Nearly 60 pct of people in Japan are positive about sorting out their ancestral graves located far away from where they live, including through the relocation to sites closer to their residences, in a practice called "hakajimai," a Jiji Press survey has found.

According to the survey, conducted this month, 59.6 pct of respondents said hakajimai is good as it makes grave management and visits easier.

On the other hand, 21.9 pct said that ancestral graves should not be moved from where they are now.

Asked about headaches related to grave management, with multiple answers allowed, 60.4 pct said they have no particular problems, while 20.9 pct said that visiting their ancestral graves is difficult because they are at remote locations and 10.4 pct cited difficulties finding successors to take care of graves.

Survey participants were also asked about the level of grave relocation and other hakajimai-related costs that they think is appropriate. The largest group, or 49.1 pct, said such costs should be below 300,000 yen and 15.1 pct cited a range between 300,000 yen and below 500,000 yen, while 24.9 pct said they do not know.

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